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Changes to the way you search the website

Firstly, we wanted to say thank you to all of our users who had taken their time to email in their thoughts and suggestions for the site – we are listening!

A big change is due to occur on the UK Golf Guide website is the search page. We are aiming to make the search page a more immersive and useable feature of the site, enabling users to find courses and reviews as easily as possible. To coincide with this we will improve the search functionality with results appearing faster and with additional features (such as towns) to ensure you find your fairway as easily as possible!
Another improvement added within the search will be the results delivered by a post code query, the results will show on a map with an overlay of various distance, which we hope will help in planning any multi-destination golf trips.

We plan on having this available to you by Thursday 10th March, as always, we’d love to hear your feedback – the birdies and the bogies!


Aaron and the UK Golf Guide Team

Clubhouse facilities

The best of the worst

As a completely impartial review site we pride ourselves on the quality and quantity of reviews that we receive on a daily basis. Although it must be said that the reviews that are passed around the office are more of a comical nature and usually have to be removed from the website for their lack of actual relevant information about the courses.

So to kick off proceedings here are our recent favorites from the website.


The mysterious case of the missing balls at Tigh Osda Golf and Country Club

From a review:

“Everything was going fine, until the 4th, when a ginger cat stole my ball and disappeared into the undergrowth!”

Thanks to Mr Bishop for clearing that one up!


I wonder if Mersey Valley Golf Club is any good

From a review:

“Wouldnt worry bout the course, its been sold to a skip hire company and is going to be used as a landfill site for the next six years.”

Apparently not Mr Moo.


At least there’s bacon eh?

From a review:

“I paid 40 english pounds to play this track. If I wanted to play golf in a paddy field I would take a trip to the far east. This course absorbs water about as well as a cheap nappy and the lay out is extremely questionable. Course should have been shut before we even pegged it up on the first, and after the comp was cancelled there was no forthcoming effort to reimburse any body. (there was an offer to play in a re-arrnaged fixture……..I would rather ride a square wheeled bike with no saddle on a cobbled street)

However, I was delighted with the bacon roll on arrival. The facilities are great and the course does not compliment them in anyway.”

Cheers Rodney Dangerfield!


I’m sorry… what?

From a review:

“On the morning of 28/04/2009 Mr ****** was seen swinging a 7 iron in his birthday suit. When approach by officers wishing to question him, Mr ****** took flight. The officers had to pursue the assailant in a patrol car, on to the 4th fairway, only to find Mr ****** in a bunker shouting something about the Sandcastle competition that was about to start. Thankfully Mr ****** was detained into custody and was subdued with an ice cream cone and some suncream!”

Quick thinking policemen!


And to round off our first installment of ‘The best and the worst’ , this picture is a particular favorite of mine…

Clubhouse facilities

First class clubhouse facilities