Initially conceived in 1995 in the back garden of a house in Warwick (after a glass or three of wine), a site called uk-golf.com was originally intended to be a short lived test vehicle to assess the effectiveness of Internet marketing in the golf and travel sector.

Despite its inauspicious start, the site soon began to attract visitors, and quickly became a major information source for UK golfers. The uk-golfguide.com site was launched in July 2001 to take over from the creaking uk-golf.com site as a dedicated golf course information resource capable of coping with the ever increasing user demand.

In 2007, the site was bought by Your Golf Travel Ltd, the largest golf travel operators in Europe, who recognised the importance that UK Golf Guide held as an information source for golfers, and who were impressed by the esteem in which the site was held within the golfing community. The once cutting-edge site was badly in need of a redesign however, and in 2010 the site was rebuild from scratch, culminating in the site as it is today.

2011 and beyond

The key to the redesign was to give UK Golf Guide a fresh facade, while maintaining the sense of an independent site representing the voice of the UK golf community. Greater prominence has been given to the golfer reviews, and the new layout has been carefully designed to make crucial information as accessible as possible. We have also introduced a ranking system for golf courses which is based on the opinions of our contributors.

We hope you enjoy your time on UK Golf Guide, and we look forward to reading your reviews . If you have any comments on the new site, or any feedback on the kind of features you’d like to see on the site in the future, we’d love to hear from you, so please don’t hestitate to contact us.

The UK Golf Guide team

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