The five star Gleneagles Hotel and Golf Resort has been something of a Mecca for golfers since it opened its doors and golf courses to the public in the 1920s. It quickly established itself as one of the finest luxury destinations in Scotland and golf at Gleneagles was once a “de rigueur” point of call for the bright young things of high society. It has hosted many important golf tournaments over the years and its place in golfing history has now been further recognised by virtue of being chosen as the venue for the 2014 Ryder Cup.

Of the four golf courses at Gleneagles the PGA Centenary Course is the one that holds the greatest challenge and this is where the European golfers will battle it out with their American counterparts for the honour of taking home this historic trophy. The course was designed by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus in 1993 and the “Golden Bear”, as he is known to his fans, was asked to suggest improvements that would make it more suitable for such an important championship. Some of the changes that have now been implemented are designed to push the players’ skills to the limits whereas others allow easier viewing access for the public and media.

The PGA Centenary course at Gleneagles offers stern test for any golfer as well as a stunning contrast of colours

If you would like to see what the top professional golfers have to contend with you can play the Centenary course yourself. Gleneagles also has another two outstanding championship courses to play on, the Kings and Queens courses, so a golfing holiday there should never be boring.

Of course, any visitor to Gleneagles will have more to see than just the golf. The hotel and its golf courses are set amidst some of the most beautiful views that Scotland has to offer. These include the picturesque mountain scenery of the Cairngorms and the majestic beauty of the Perthshire countryside with its myriad of picture postcard villages and tree-clad hills.

There is already a lot of excitement surrounding the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles

The many delights of Edinburgh are just an hour away by train as are those of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city and arguably the cultural capital of the country with its many art galleries, museums and concert venues.

For golfing enthusiasts the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles in 2014 promises to be an exciting and historic time. Before the regular bi-annual Ryder Cup matches were officially established there was a challenge match between the cream of American golfers and those of Great Britain that took place on the greens of Gleneagles in 1924. In this contest the British team trounced their transatlantic competition, a result that, sadly, has not been repeated in many of the official Ryder Cup tournaments.

The Queens course is a members favourite at Gleneagles and is a must play for holidaying golfers

Apart from the back to back 18.5 – 9.5 victories for the Europeans in 2004 and 2006 that were followed by a 16 – 11 European win in 2008 that is! Whatever the outcome in 2014 though, the Ryder Cup will have visited a very special place in the heart of Scotland, the Home of Golf.